pescription drug information

Prescription drugs information

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Welcome to prescription drug information

When you look for prescription drug information you will find over than 400 drugs, herbs and homeopathic remedies. In this number included are the most frequently prescribed and most widely used medicines in each of five categories: prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, Western herbs, Chinese herbs, and homeopathic remedies.
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You can learn about a over-the-counter or prescription drug by looking up its class, such as analgesics – a designation based on the drug’s effects on the body. Each drug is also listed by its generic name, such as acetaminophen, which indicates its active ingredient. You can also look up brand names in the general index. If your brand is not listed in the index, check your drug’s package label for the generic name and look that up.

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Whenever you are prescribed a medication, there are several important questions that you should consider asking your doctor or your pharmacist:
- What are the alternatives to medication?
- Is the generic version of the drug as effective as the brand- name variety?
- How should the prescription drug be stored?
- What should I do about missed or delayed doses?
- How long before drug starts to work?
- When can I expect to see an improvement?

It is important to tell your doctor if you are being treated by more than one – about all over-the- counter and prescription drugs, vitamins, herbs you currently use, especially if your doctor plans to give you a new prescription.

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